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Client Reviews


Laurie in Ferndale

"I started receiving treatments at Renji Wellness on a regular basis since November 2020. It’s been a pretty tough year for me due to the impact of the COVID pandemic and some family issues - my father passed away in France and there have been illnesses in my family etc. During these difficult times, Jae’s remedial therapy has helped me not only relieve my ongoing physical aches and pains in the neck, shoulder and back, but also greatly reduce the stress that I was having.
For me personally, his MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) and Remedial Therapy helped me particularly well. I used to receive MLD regularly in France, but it was quite difficult to find a skilful therapist in Perth until I met Jae. I highly recommend his MLD therapy. It is a gentle technique, but the benefits are profound.
I believe that the regular therapy with Jae for the last 6 months has clearly helped me manage my mental and physical wellbeing. I sleep better, have more energy, and I am in better health overall than before.

Jae is very professional and skilful in healing the body and mind."

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